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Prieto is a full-service, business-oriented law firm with consolidated prestige in handling complex matters. It is well known by its relevant foreign and local client base. The firm’s broadly experienced team of lawyers with international exposure provides legal services across a wide range of practice areas. Prieto has an active participation in energy, natural resources and public utilities, capital markets and taxation. The firm’s experience in insurance, M&A, securities, litigation and antitrust stands out.

Senior Partner: Patricio Prieto S
Managing Partner:
Benjamín Grebe
Number of partners:
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Main Areas of Expertise

Prieto counsels domestic and international companies on public and administrative law aspects during due diligence processes or at litigation phases. The firm assists especially in matters concerning public procurement; public works and infrastructure concessions; public-private associations; public financing; urbanism; and in general regulated markets.

Prieto is highly regarded in this area, having participated in numerous investigations conducted by the FNE and cases before the TDLC, regarding concentration, vertical and horizontal integration, cartels and unfair competition in various industries. Prieto has developed antitrust compliance programmes and pre-emptive advice to clients.

Banking, Finance & Capital Markets
Prieto has developed a broad experience in these areas and is recognised for its strong team of lawyers involved in securities’ offerings, IPOs and project finance transactions involving high profile energy and infrastructure projects and financial and capital markets transactions, usually representing both local investment banks and issuers in several equity/debt offerings locally and abroad. Prieto has developed a strong practice in the formation and management of investment and private equity funds.

Corporate & Securities
Much of the firm’s work includes corporate finance, corporate governance, takeover bids, joint ventures, reorganisations and partnerships.

Energy & Natural Resources
Prieto counsels national and international players involved in the energy generation and transmission sectors. The firm has strong experience in advising developers and owners in traditional fossil-fuel energy projects and also in renewable energy projects, such as hydro, mini hydro, wind farms and photovoltaic plants. The firm’s involvement in this area varies from financing, development, implementation and related disputes in connection with said kinds of projects. It also serves as regular counsel to one of the biggest energy groups in the world which controls and operates the main energy generators of the North Interconnected Grid in Chile.

The environmental department has evidenced the relevance of permit validity and integrity regarding the acquisition of a company, in the context of transactions that involve productive entities. An accurate diagnosis has allowed clients to adequately negotiate the price of a sellable business unit or complex. Additionally, the design and implementation of defence strategies as a result of permit granting or facilities inspections are a mainstream service, reaching high delivery standards within the market.

Insolvency, Bankruptcy & Business Reorganisation
Prieto is one of the full service Chilean firms that have an active participation in bankruptcy procedures, representing debtors and creditors in the most relevant insolvency procedures in the country.

Insurance & Pension Funds
The insurance department has a solid base of local and international insurance companies and brokers, with an experienced group of specialists. Prieto has protracted experience in insurance claims and litigation insurance matters. The firm also represents private pension funds and health care providers.

This department advises clients in establishing incentive programs for executives and employees, in collective bargaining procedures and in the restructuring of companies. The labour team represents an increasing number of companies in labour planning, in collective bargaining and in litigation as well.

Litigation & Arbitration
Prieto regularly represents clients on relevant disputes related to energy, construction, real estate, retail, insurance, securities and transportation, before both ordinary courts and international and domestic arbitrators. In addition, its partners act as arbitrators in various proceedings relating to investment, construction and energy.

Prieto has a seasoned team with extended experience in multinational, cross-border and domestic M&A transactions and due diligence work, representing buyers, sellers and investment banks, in all type of industries, such as energy and natural resources, oil and gas, telecommunication, finance, retail, shipping, transportation, pension funds, forestry, food industry, department stores and supermarket chains, infrastructure, information technology, pharmacies, among others.

Public Utilities
Prieto has extensive experience in gas, power, water and telecommunication services. It has advised in matters related to the construction and financing of gas works, including cross-border pipelines and GTAs. Prieto has represented some blue chip companies in the country in the power generations, transmission and distribution areas. The firm has participated in the acquisitions and financing of combined-cycle power plants and in the privatisation and acquisitions of the main water utilities in the country.

Real Estate, Construction & Infrastructure
Prieto provides a comprehensive advice on legal matters in the real estate area, from due diligence, financing, purchases, leases and mortgages to planning, development and construction of housing and commercial projects. Legal advice also includes real estate trusts, local permits, and all type of regulatory, tax and environmental issues.

The tax department at Prieto advises clients in respect of all tax issues, particularly in the structuring of diverse and complex transactions. The team advises local and foreign companies, business groups and individuals in their tax planning. Also the team has broad experience in tax and custom litigation whether at the administrative level as well as before Chilean tribunals an courts.

Spanish, English, French.

Key Contacts

Managing Partner

Benjamín Grebe

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Banking & Finance
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Corporate Governance
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Data Protection
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Dispute Resolution
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Energy & Natural Resources
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Labour & Employment
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Real Estate
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Real Estate & Tourism
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Restructuring & Insolvency
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Law extends parental postnatal leave

On Wednesday, July 27, 2022,  Law No. 21,474 was published in the Official Gazette,  which  creates an extraordinary bonus Chile Supports Winter and extends parental postnatal leave . This law contemplates an extension of the parental postnatal leave of article 197 bis of the Labor Code, as well as an extension of the jurisdiction of article 201 of the same […]

Tax Newsletter July

In our second newsletter of the tax reform presented in July 2022, we discussed some aspects of the new wealth tax, the exit tax or “Exit Tax”, the National Registry of Final Beneficiaries and the modifications that would be incorporated into the Single Law of Money. A. Wealth Tax I.  Taxpayer and rates . It is a tax […]

What happened in 2021 in Free Competition?

Summary of the most relevant cases known by the TDLC during 2021 and what is expected for the remainder of 2022 2021 was a year with great milestones in terms of free competition, which will set the tone for the coming months. 1Of  twenty-one contentious cases  initiated before the Court for the Defense of Free Competition last […]

Migratory subcategories of temporary residence

On Saturday, May 14, Decree No. 177 was published in the Official Gazette, which establishes the migratory subcategories of temporary residence. By virtue of this, the provisions and migratory categories of Law No. 21,325 , on migration and foreigners, have come into full force, which leaves the old Decree Law No. 1,094 of 1975 in the past. 1) Ratifies the processing from […]

Tax benefits for donations

On April 12, 2022, Law No. 21,440 was published, which amends Decree Law No. 3,063, of 1979, on Municipal Revenues, and creates a new regime of donations with tax benefits in support of non-profit entities. Relevant points to be highlighted from this law are the following: Donations, donors and donatees Objects and Purposes: Donations may […]

News Regarding the Wealth Tax

At the beginning of the year 2021, the National Congress began the discussion of the constitutional amendment project that sought to incorporate, “for a single time”, the so-called “tax on the super-rich” in order to finance expenses associated with COVID-19. This constitutional reform did not prosper. Notwithstanding the above, and despite the fact that the […]

Environmental Assessment Service (SEA) issues guidelines for the Introduction to Green Hydrogen projects.

Within the framework of projects submitted to the Environmental Impact Assessment System (“SEIA” for its Spanish acronym), the Environmental Assessment Service published the technical criteria to be presented by project owners in the description of green hydrogen production and storage projects. The referred guidelines address the electrolytic process of green hydrogen production – commonly known […]

February Tax Newsletter

We invite you to read the first Tax Newsletter of 2022. In this edition we give you more information about the 10 cases included in the Catalog of tax schemes, the real estate revaluation of the second non-agricultural series and the payroll of large taxpayers issued by the Service of Internal Taxes in December 2021. […]

Law of Electronic Labor Documents enters into force

Law  No. 21,361,  which adapts the Labor Code regarding Electronic Labor Documents, entered into force on November 12, 2021 with the publication in the Official Gazette of  Exempt Resolution number 1,340  of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, which establishes the procedures for the ratification of the settlement, the resignation and the mutual agreement in the electronic portal […]

Proposal of modifications to the Regulation of the Environmental Impact Assessment System

On February 17, 2022, the citizen consultation process of the “Proposal to amend the Regulations of the Environmental Impact Assessment System” began, prepared by the Ministry of the Environment in conjunction with the Environmental Assessment Service. The proposed modifications to the Regulation of the Environmental Impact Assessment System, approved by Supreme Decree No. 40 of […]

Regulatory project: “Regulates requests for authorization of the existence of Special Stock Companies”

On January 3, 2022, the Financial Market Commission (CMF) issued a new Regulatory Project, which regulates the requests for authorization of the existence of Special Stock Companies, as well as the requests for authorization to start operations of the General Administrators of Funds (AGFs). The purpose of this bill is to provide clarity to the Special […]

Ministry of Energy publishes decree that establishes the criteria to determine the companies that must submit their energy information

Decree 163, published in the Official Gazette on August 10, 2021, establishes the criteria to determine which companies must report annually to the Ministry of Energy their consumption for energy use and their energy intensity of the previous calendar year, during the next four years, as indicated in the first paragraph of article 2 of […]

The bidding process for the exploitation of lithium begins…

The bidding process for the exploitation of lithium begins and the regulation of special operating contracts is established A. BIDDING FOR THE EXPLOITATION OF LITHIUM On October 13, 2021, the national and international call for bids for special lithium operation contracts (CEOL) began, the bases of which can be purchased at . The objective of the […]

Ley de Documentos Electrónicos Laborales entra en vigencia

La Ley N°21.361 que adecúa el Código del Trabajo en materia Documentales Electrónicos Laborales entró en vigencia el 12 de noviembre de 2021 con la publicación en el Diario Oficial de la Resolución exenta número 1.340 del Ministerio del Trabajo y Previsión Social, que fija los procedimientos para la ratificación del finiquito, la renuncia y el mutuo acuerdo en […]

Tax and Customs Tribunal (TTA) qualifies loss as “unnecessary expense” due to lack of economic foundation and rejects return of PPUA

Through a judgment of June 20, 2018, the Second TTA of Santiago rejected the tax claim filed by a public limited company against the resolution of the SII that denied its request for the return of a provisional payment for absorbed profits (PPUA). The claimant, by virtue of the capitalization of a debt that made […]


Prevenciones respecto de la contratación con Empresas de Servicios Transitorios: Registro de EST: La Usuaria debe verificar que la Empresa de Servicios Transitorios (EST) figure en el Registro de EST de la Dirección del Trabajo señalando su nombre o razón social, su objeto social y la individualización de sus representantes legales. Full article  

Press Releases

Prieto Abogados advised Light E Holding Ltd.

Prieto Abogados advised Light E Holding Ltd. in the sale of Solarity SpA, a Chilean company dedicated to the development of photovoltaic renewable energy projects that are connected to the… Read more

30 Aug 2022
Prieto Abogados: AD Capital

Prieto asesoró a AD Capital, actuando como gestor del Fondo de Inversión Privado AD Capital Tralka Energías Renovables, en la venta de un portafolio solar operativo PMGD que incluía 18 plantas solares, la mayor cartera de plantas de generación solar distribuida en funcionamiento en Chile. La transacción fue parte de un proceso de licitación privada […]

04 Jul 2022
Prieto: Advised Light E Holding Ltd.

Prieto Abogados advised Light E Holding Ltd. in the sale of Solarity SpA, a Chilean company dedicated to the development of photovoltaic renewable energy projects that are connected to the client’s facilities, to the Investment Fund Asset BTGF Fondo de Inversión, related to Brookfield. (2022)

30 May 2022
Prieto Abogados advised Light E Holding Ltd. in the sale of Solarity SpA,

Prieto Abogados advised Light E Holding Ltd. in the sale of Solarity SpA, a Chilean company dedicated to the development of photovoltaic renewable energy projects that are connected to the client’s facilities, to the Investment Fund Asset BTGF Fondo de Inversión, related to Brookfield. (2022)

05 Apr 2022
Prieto advised AD Capital…

Prieto advised AD Capital, acting as manager of the AD Capital Tralka Energías Renovables Private Investment Fund, in the sale of a PMGD operating solar portfolio that included 18 solar plants, the largest portfolio of distributed solar generation plants in operation in Chile. The transaction was part of a private bidding process that lasted more than […]

01 Mar 2022
Prieto Announces Two New Counsels

Luz María Calvo and Andrea Von Chrismar, since September 2021 will asume as Counsels of the Tax and Regulation/ Competition areas, respectively. The purpose of this new position is to recognize their career paths, enhance their areas of expertise and respond to client needs. “Both Luz María and Andrea’s work has been a fundamental contribution […]

01 Sep 2021

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