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Established: 1946
Number of Partners: 6
Number of Practitioners: 17
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Catalan

CURELL SUÑOL was founded in 1946 committed to the assessment in the technical field, as well as the protection and management of Intellectual Property rights.

Its main office has always been in Barcelona, with branch offices in Madrid (since 1964) and Alicante (since 1996).

At present, the firm is a Professional Limited Liability Partnership (Sociedad Limitada Profesional) of Intellectual Property Attorneys, and gathers a specialized team of professionals, comprising Spanish Patent and Trademark Agents, European Patent Attorneys, Engineers, Lawyers specialized in IP, Linguists, Chemists, Biotech specialists, Business Economics graduates, as well as Technical Translators and Sworn Translators, IT experts and experienced administrative staff.

The firm is an IP Boutique which provides full service in the IP field. It helps clients design and build their portfolios and secure and enforce their exclusive rights. Its services include searching, filing strategy and advice, oppositions and appeals, trademark litigation, anti-counterfeiting, out-of-court interventions and expert support in patent lawsuits, copyright advice, as well as valuation of intangible assets.

The firm’s practitioners also represent clients in hearings before the Spanish Commercial Courts, the EPO, and the Court of Justice of the EU.

Through its members the firm is active in the most prestigious national and international Intellectual Property associations and is also committed with education by participating in training courses for Patent Engineers, Intellectual Property Attorneys, and people from industry.




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Key contacts:

Partner: Mireia Curell
[email protected]

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Brand activism, “greenwashing” and “pinkwashing”

Consumers’ actions and decisions today are certainly determined by many psychological, sociological, and cultural elements. This is the reason why companies are more and more concerned about these issues and are trying to take actions by actively being involved in social movements. Well-developed brand activism, because it agrees with the main values or vision of […]

Avanti! on the protection of GIs in the EU

In early May, the EU Parliament and Council concluded a political agreement to protect geographical indications (GIs) for  craft and industrial products, such as ceramics from La Bisbal or from Talavera, embroidery from Lagartera, inlaid pottery from Granada, damascene from Toledo, cuckoo clocks, etc. Currently, although some EU countries do protect these types of GIs, […]

Inventions with (in)credible effects

Plausibility, sufficiency, and inventive step in patents In the field of intellectual property, the term “plausibility” is commonly used to refer to the “trustworthiness” or “credibility” of an invention claimed in a patent application. While its origin is still in discussion among experts, the concept of “plausibility” appears in the Case Law of the European […]

Show me your distinctiveness and I will tell your strength

Sometimes, when a client asks us to register a trademark, the sign to be registered, though attractive in marketing terms, is weak in terms of distinctiveness. The lack of distinctiveness of these marks is mainly because they are descriptive of the quality, quantity, characteristics, intended purpose, type or size of the goods or services they […]

Is the Design Technical?

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has recently issued a new decision (C-684/21; 02/03/2023) on the question of how to determine whether a feature of appearance of a registered design is solely dictated by its technical function. This is an important topic affecting the validity of registered designs in Europe. Indeed, according to […]

Banksy’s trademarks: he who laughs last, laughs loudest

Background In November 2021 we announced on Curell Suñol’s blog that Banksy lost his EU trademark number 12575155  (the flower thrower) and, subsequently, in another article in February 2022, we explained that the nightmare continued because other EU trademark registrations were declared invalid as well, all of them having been applied for in the name of Pest Control […]

The General Court has no doubt at all: food supplements are not pharmaceutical products

Pharmacies have changed a lot through years and have developed into shops where consumers navigate in an avalanche of products (medicinal, dietary, hygiene, etc.) which can be easily interconnected and used in the same treatments -but with different focus-as they are all intended to improve health. So, is there a clear boundary between all these […]

Unitary Patent: the transitory measures of the EPO are already in operation, don’t miss the train!

Transitional measures for the forthcoming entry into force of the Unitary Patent The Unitary Patent is expected to enter into force on 1 June 2023, with unitary effects in all the Member States of the European Union participating in the system. Currently, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, […]

January 2023 will bring administrative revocation and invalidity actions before the SPTO

Directive 2015/2436 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 2015 to approximate the laws of the Member States relating to trademarks provides in Art. 45 that Member States shall provide for an efficient and expeditious administrative procedure before their offices for the revocation or declaration of invalidity of a trademark. On 14 […]

Metaverse: Trademarks on the Internet 3.0

If there is one topic that everyone is talking about, it is the metaverse. This term, which seems futuristic, appeared 30 years ago in the science fiction novel Snow Crash (1992), where Neal Stephenson describes a type of collective virtual space, compatible with physical reality, which he calls the metaverse (“beyond the universe”). To define it clearly, one […]

Ukraine: IP deadlines under Martial Law

The Ukrainian Intellectual Property Office (UIPO) is working around the clock to secure the intellectual property rights (IPRs) system in the country. On 24 February 2022, the Martial Law was introduced which, among other things, establishes a safety framework in case certain deadlines affecting IPRs cannot be respected, considering that circumstances of “force majeure” are […]

Courses on cybersecurity.

At CURELL SUÑOL we have completed a series of courses on cybersecurity to make members of our organization aware of the risks associated with the use of computer and telematic tools, as well as web browsing and cell phone use. The aim was also to make them understand the prevention and protection measures adopted by […]

Accession of Iraq to the Patent Cooperation Treaty

The government of Iraq deposited its instrument of accession to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) on the January 31, 2022, before the WIPO. With the entry into force of the treaty on the April 30, 2022, Iraq will become the 155th member of the PCT system. Any international application filed on or later than that date will include the designation of Iraq. […]

The proof of use in opposition proceedings in Spain: Experiences and tips

This 14 January marked two years since the entry into force of Decree-Law 23/2018 amending the Spanish Trademark Law 17/2001 (LM). Among other amendments, the possibility was included for the applicant, as way of defense, to require the opponent to submit evidence of use of the opposing trademarks or to justify their lack of use, […]

A silence and a fizz cannot be registered as a trademark

Human creativity is very much present when a trademark is devised. The wide range of signs used to distinguish our products from those of competitors in the market may be found in the type of trademarks which are filed. Apart from the traditional trademarks consisting of a name and/or a graphic, there are also the […]

Accession of the United Arab Emirates to the Madrid Protocol

The Government of the United Arab Emirates deposited its instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol with WIPO on 28 September 2021 and it will enter into force on 28 December 2021. The number of Contracting Parties of the Madrid System is now of 109, covering 125 countries. A list of members of the Madrid Union […]


Everyone is talking about the “resurrection” of Lola Flores as well as about the “making-off” of the new commercial of @cruzcampo, but… What about the artist’s image rights? *image extracted from the video of the making-off of the commercial, link below. All rights reserved. It is amazing to see the things that can be done […]

A slogan that has left no one indifferent. Not even the General Court.

With the rise of environmentalism and awareness to take care of the planet, the popularity that alternative products to milk of animal origin has reached is an indisputable reality. One of the beneficiaries of this trend is the Swedish company Oatly, specializing in oat-based dairy substitutes and whose consumption has spread significantly. In fact, Oatly’s […]

“El Clásico” cannot serve as an EU trademark in Class 41

The Spanish expression “El Clásico” was conceived to designate the world-famous match between Real Madrid CF vs FC Barcelona that is repeated at least twice annually in Spain’s national football championship organised by Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional (LaLiga). But does “El Clásico” possess distinctiveness to serve and be registered as an EU trademark for […]

Geographical Indications (GIs): the turn of the screw?

The EU, which is the world leader in GI protection (more than 3,400), is strengthening its current protection and is considering what to do with those of non-agricultural products. When and how?           GIs, i.e. protected designations of origin and geographical indications, are names that, like trademarks, distinguish a product on […]

The Errors in the Assignment of the Right of Priority, or How to Lose a European Patent

The filing of a patent application gives rise to two different rights, namely the right derived from the application in question (ownership), and the right of priority, i.e. the right to claim the priority of a first application in a second patent application that must be filed within a certain period of time, which in […]

Press Releases

Mireia Curell, recognised as an honorary member of ECTA

We are delighted to announce that our managing partner Mireia Curell Aguilà has been recognised as an honorary member of ECTA. Mireia was president of ECTA between 2006 and 2008. She is the first woman to receive this distinction and will certainly not be the last. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate […]

04 Sep 2023

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