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A specialized Intellectual Property Firm with a full range of services and a unique approach to Law Practice. A team of experts protecting and enforcing Trademarks, Patents and Copyright. Headquartered in Mexico City with offices in Merida, and Houston, TX, operating in multiple jurisdictions since 2011.

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From A-Listers to Influencers: The Wild World of Celebrities and Brands

For those who are not quite sure of the difference between a celebrity and an influencer, you’re not alone. However, to make a distinction, I’ll try to explain where we draw the line. Celebrities have achieved fame through traditional media, like movies, music, or TV, while influencers have gained a massive following on social media […]

Sports and Intellectual Property Law: Is It Always Fair Play?

Big Sports is no game.  The recent World Cup in Qatar was a showcase of the grandeur and global appeal of the big business behind the world of sports, and IP played a big role in its success, as clearly stated in this recent report by the WIPO (view source). But beyond one event that […]

IP in the Time of COVID

Navigating the world of IP during the pandemic Welcome to our latest edition of On Your Marks, where we will be exploring the fascinating intersection of intellectual property law and the COVID-19 pandemic, three years after half of the world went into a lockdown and only days after many governments have declared it officially over […]

When did survival become a business?

From the beginning of times, humankind has faced all sorts of life-endangering situations, threats, and illnesses. Thus, has been constantly trying to come up with new ways to preserve the species and keep sickness away or at least under control. Although it was not new to expose an individual to the sickening pathogen in a […]

Celebrity Branding

Trademark publicity commenced some decades ago and applied to goods only; professional models advertised traditional consumer products: Coca-Cola, Zenith, Lucky Strike, and Hoover, among others—Don Draper’s stuff. Then came the protection of service marks, followed by three-dimensional and non-traditional, Internet-related, social media, cloud computing, NFTs, Web3, etc. As I wrote in my last article, unprecedented […]

Do we all love memes?

Nowadays, memes constitute a strong element of pop culture, and we all love to scroll, find, share, turn them into stickers, make examples related to our life and circumstances, tease our family and friends with personal references and laugh at them. Yet, is it all so funny and entertaining to everyone? Do we ever consider […]

Holidays and Intellectual Property

The December festivities are approaching, and as experts in the field of industrial and intellectual property, we are interested in letting you know if it is possible for any individual or corporation to obtain an exclusive protection for words that are widely used during this Holiday time, such as: Santa Claus, Christmas, Hannukah, Merry Christmas, […]

Political Correctness & Trademarks

Political correctness refers to speaking or communicating without offending anyone or marginalizing groups identified by specific social characteristics, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, or ability. Over the years, there have been brands that have stayed in the trade “without offending” anyone. However, in recent years, certain companies have changed their brands and/or packaging due to […]

The Metaverse and the Intellectual Property Within It

In this first edition, we’re trying to cover the metaverse and how it relates to the IP world. Not only because it’s current and relevant but because we feel that we need to cut some corners to catch up with the subject matter.  For that purpose, we first need to understand topics like blockchain, NFTs, […]

Copyright lawsuits against world renowned artists won’t stop!

In past days, composer and singer Ed Sheeran won a UK High Court copyright battle initiated by musician Sami Chokri, who claimed that Sheeran’s 2017 hit ‘Shape of You’ included a “strikingly similar” hook to his 2015 song ‘Oh Why’. The honorable Justice in charge of this case ruled that Sheeran had not copied Chokri’s […]

What are the potential pitfalls in Mexican IP law?

Diego G Rossi, Gilberto Martínez Maldonado and Ana L Vargas of Iberbrand analyse the potential issues that can arise when seeking trademark and patent registration in Mexico When we talk about the Mexican IP world, we assume that, in comparison with other jurisdictions, our country will behave in the same way when it comes to […]

One. Pink Tax

Social impact of Intellectual Property… A series We all know that the main function of a trademark is to identify and distinguish products or services from others of the same nature.  It might seem that at its origin this concept developed from a marketing and commercial perspective and in order to avoid consumer confusion and […]

Social impact of Intellectual Property… A series.

One. Pink Tax We all know that the main function of a trademark is to identify and distinguish products or services from others of the same nature.  It might seem that at its origin this concept developed from a marketing and commercial perspective and in order to avoid consumer confusion and the possibility of reduction […]

The Value of a Brand

Building a brand is a crucial step in the success of a business. A brand must be able to identify goods or services over the competition, so it must evolve with consumer behavior. Until recently, a brand only sought to identify a product or service, today, however, the development of a brand aims to make potential consumers identify you as the only provider of […]

Who is Valentina?

Valentina is an American DRAG QUEEN of Mexican descent. She became known by the reality show “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and her multiple scenic performances of the song “Yes Sir, I can Boogie”. Currently, we can find her in the Mexican Tv show “La Casa de las Flores” –House of flowers-. She has become a cultural icon in […]


Last March 10th, 2021, the Mexican Chamber of Deputies (Representatives at the Lower House) approved the Federal Law for the Regulation of Cannabis, as well as amendments and additions to the General Health Law and the Federal Criminal Code.  Although said law reform package must be reviewed and approved by the Senate (Higher House), certainly Mexico is […]


We all know the importance of having a brand, a visible sign that allows others to identify us and stand out from our competitors, but have you ever thought about the responsibility that this also entails? Beyond the legal and purely commercial spectrum of it, in recent years and in an accentuated way since last […]

Olfactory Marks protection & Trade Dress– MEXICO

For many years, in Mexico trade dress has been protected as trademark in different ways, but the former Industrial Property Law was not very specific and/or inclusive, so the protection was limited to the design marks, the combination of colors and/or shapes, although the law particularly established protection for three-dimensional shapes of wrappers, packages, containers […]

Patents for Vaccines on covid-19 – Should patents be waived?

The coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc globally, particularly in Asia (India) and Latin America. In these regions, there are still high levels of infections and deaths, despite vaccination campaigns. This situation is due in many of these developing countries to the fact that the vaccination process is slow, and the number of doses is […]

Press Releases

Iberbrand Revamps Amid the Rebranding Process.

Iberbrand® the most awarded IP Law Firm in Mexico, announces changes to its online presence with a freshly designed website and social media portals.   The new UI and UX are the result of a rebranding strategy that it’s been undergoing for the last few months to further reflect its claim to fame and slogan: “Creative […]

01 Nov 2022
IBERBRAND: Announces Expansion and New Office Opening

MEXICO CITY, June 28th, 2022.  IBERBRAND, the most awarded legal IP firm in Mexico, keeps investing in the growth and development of its people and business and opens a new office in Mexico City, right next door to its previous headquarters, but twice the size. The new workspace’s design further reflects the values and the […]

29 Jun 2022

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