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Firm Description:

iberbrand® Is a full-service IP law boutique offering a depth of experience and a fresh approach to the practice of intellectual property law and trademark advisory services in Mexico and Latin America.

Based in Mexico City, the firm provides strategic IP advice for protecting and maximising client investment both in Mexico, and –with its network of associates– throughout Latin America.

The firm’s commitment to an excellent service and the drive to keep up with the constantly changing world of IP motivated it to create a fresh and reinvented project in which its priority is to meet the needs of its clients, no matter if they are individuals, small companies or global firms.

For the firm, it is all about quality, an accurate response, a prompt attention to every matter, a professional and complete advice, a timely filing for every case, a complete strategy for protection, a strong and fair defence.

The firm also provides creative strategies for managing portfolios and enforcing your rights.

Managing Partner: Diego G Rossi
Senior Partners: Gilberto Martinez, Ana L Vargas, Francisco Capetillo
Number of partners: 4
Number of other lawyers: 8

Main Areas of Practice:
Trademarks: 58%
Litigation: 20%
Patents: 20%
Copyrights: 2%

Intellectual Property:
iberbrand® is a full service IP and trademark registration boutique offering the registration, protection, and enforcement of:
■ Trademarks: Brands, company names, signs, logos, symbols
■ Patents: Inventions, methods, applications
■ Industrial Designs
■ Utility Models
■ Copyrights

The firm’s professionals have litigated landmark IP cases in Mexico and have experience advocating on behalf of their clients at all levels of courts and before the relevant administrative bodies. The firm’s lawyers are password skilled negotiators and passionate problem solvers.

IP Strategy:
Besides its technical expertise, Iberbrand also provides IP consulting and IP commercialisation advice including:
■ Licensing
■ Technology transfer agreements
■ Franchising agreements and advice
■ Multi-jurisdictional portfolio management
■ Multi-jurisdictional enforcement strategies
■ Litigation and dispute resolution opinions
■ Domain names
■ Marketing and advertising advice
■ Enforcement of IP rights with customs

International Work:
Through a network of trusted associates, iberbrand® provides IP protection and enforcement all over Latin America. Through multi-jurisdictional protection and enforcement strategies, iberbrand® can maximise effectiveness and lower costs for its clients who have IP interests in more than one country in the region.

English, Spanish and French.

Ebay, Keurig, Kohler Co., Mexican Soccer Federation, Petronas, Philip Morris Products S.A., Polaris Industries, Samsung, Tencent Holdings.

Managing Partner: Diego G Rossi
Trademarks & Copyrights: Gilberto Martinez
Litigation & Foreign Registrations: Ana L Vargas Ramirez
Patents: Marcelo R Blanco
Patents & Trademarks: Francisco Capetillo

Key Contacts

Founding Partner / General Manager

Diego G. Rossi

Founding Partner / Litigation and International Department Director

Ana L. Vargas

Founding Partner / Trademark and Copyright Director

Gilberto Martínez Maldonado

Firm Rankings

Band 2


IP: Patents
Band 3


IP: Patents: Contentious
Band 3


IP: Patents: Prosecution
Band 3


IP: Trademarks
Band 2


IP: trademarks: Contentious
Band 3


IP: Trademarks: Prosecution
Band 3



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Social impact of Intellectual Property… A series.

One. Pink Tax We all know that the main function of a trademark is to identify and distinguish products or services from others of the same nature.  It might seem that at its origin this concept developed from a marketing and commercial perspective and in order to avoid consumer confusion and the possibility of reduction […]

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Press Releases

IBERBRAND: Announces Expansion and New Office Opening

MEXICO CITY, June 28th, 2022.  IBERBRAND, the most awarded legal IP firm in Mexico, keeps investing in the growth and development of its people and business and opens a new office in Mexico City, right next door to its previous headquarters, but twice the size. The new workspace’s design further reflects the values and the […]

29 Jun 2022

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