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Firm Description:

Bufete Aguirre, Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa – BAQSN – is a full service law firm consolidated in 2018 as the result of the full merger of two of the most traditional law firms in Bolivia, Bufete Aguirre Soc. Civ. and Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa Soc. Civ. The merger constitutes the first precedent of a law firm merger in the country, aiming to an integral provision of high quality and specialized services in all areas of the law.

A shared commitment to professional excellence and ethical principles, allows the firm to have a strong structure and a comprehensive team to continue providing such services to its clients.

The members of the firm have participated over time in some of the most important investment and development projects in Bolivia, from corporate, tax and labor structuring, national and international contractual relationships, of private or public nature, economic and financial operations, infrastructure projects and many others, to advice in corporate management and participation in boards of directors and control bodies. Its partners have also participated in the drafting of different laws and regulations, such as the Commercial Code, the Central Bank Law, the Securities Market Law, the Mining Law, the Investments Law, the Conciliation and Arbitration Law, and several other legal regulations.

About BAQSN:
BAQSN is formed by a team of lawyers trained in some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world. BAQSN provides specialized professional services in both traditional areas, such as corporate, M&A and commercial law, mining, energy, hydrocarbons, tax and labor, as well as in other specific areas of regulated activities in financial and banking matters, telecommunications, industrial activities, construction, sales and distribution, public and state procurement, intellectual property, unfair competition, antitrust, compliance and consumer protection standards. BAQSN also provides advise on dispute resolution systems with experts in arbitration and conciliation. All areas of litigation are handled by experienced professionals in the area.


Administrative and Regulatory Law



Banking and Finance

Antitrust / competition



Corporate / M&A


Real Estate




Intellectual Property



Estate and Family


Key Contacts

Managing Partner:

Edurardo Quintanilla Ballivian

+591 2279 9090
[email protected]

Senior Partner:

Fernando Aguirre

+591 22 776628
[email protected]

Managing Partner:

Ignacio M Aguirre U

+591 22 776628
[email protected]

Senior Partner:

Santiago Nishizawa Takano
[email protected]

Firm Rankings

Banking & Finance
Band 1

Capital Markets
Band 2


Band 1

Dispute Resolution
Band 3


Energy & Natural Resources
Band 3


Band 1


IP: Trademarks
Band 1

Labour & Employment
Band 2


Band 1

Band 1


Real Estate
Band 2


Band 2



Normative Alert – Occupational Health and Safety Management Program – OHSMP

he purpose of the OHSMP is to prevent occupational risks, work accidents and occupational diseases, through the management and implementation of mechanisms and measures within the framework of current legal regulations that guarantee safe and healthy conditions for workers in the workplace in the development of their work activity. This regulation is mandatory for all national and foreign companies […]

Regulation of Salary Increase

 Purpose of the Resolution: 1. To regulate the application of the Salary Increase in the private sector established by SD No. 4928 of May 1st, 2023 for all types of salaried employment contracts negotiated at a base rate of 3%. 2. In connection with the new Minimum Salary established at Bs2,362 by the referred DS, […]

Labor Regulations Approved

1.     Supreme Decree No. 4928 of May 1, 2023 »  Purpose of the Decree: i) Establishes the salary increase in the Private Sector, to be agreed between employers and employees with basis on a 3% raise, and applicable to all types of employment contracts. ii) Establishes the new National Minimum Wage for both public and private […]

Management of the System of Access to Justice

Management of the System of Access to Justice and Public Registry of Lawyers The Decree creates the public entity in charge of the Management of the System of Access to Justice and Public Registry of Lawyers (Gestora SAJ-RPA), dependent on the Ministry of Justice and Institutional Transparency. The activities of the Gestora SAJ-RPA in connection […]

Taxation regime for self-employed professionals

When the tax reform of 1986 was carried out, the Complementary Regime to the Value Added Tax (RC-VAT) was created, which taxed the income of natural persons, conceived as a “control tax” that contemplated its compensation up to 100% of the determined tax, from the tax credit contained in purchase invoices of goods and services. […]

Legal Alert – Labor Matters

By means of Supreme Decree No. 4711 of May 1, 2002, the salary increase for the year 2022 is established as follows: Salary increase of three percent (3%) in the Health and Fiscal Teaching Sectors of the public sector. Private Sector: agreed on the basis of three percent (3%) for all types of work contracts. […]

Granting of Legal Personalities:

GRANTING OF LEGAL PERSONALITIES: NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS, FOUNDATIONS AND NON-PROFIT CIVIL ENTITIES. El pasado 8 de diciembre de 2021 se promulgó el Decreto Supremo 4635, que, con relación a la Ley de Otorgación de Personalidades Jurídicas a Organizaciones No Gubernamentales, Fundaciones y Entidades Civiles sin Fines de Lucro que desarrollan actividades en más de un departamento, […]

Salary Increase

By means of Supreme Decree No. 4711 of May 1, 2002, the salary increase for the year 2022 is established as follows: Salary increase of three percent (3%) in the Health and Fiscal Teaching Sectors of the public sector. Private Sector: agreed on the basis of three percent (3%) for all types of work contracts. […]

Derechos Laborales Adquiridos: Decreto Supremo No. 4668

El Decreto Supremo No. 4668, de 16 de febrero de 2022 tiene por objeto regular la aplicacion de los derechos laborales adquiridos or las trabajadoras y los trabajadores, sujetos al regimen laboral de la Ley General del Trabajo… Continue reading

Christmas bonus – year 2021

On November 30, 2021, the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Welfare, issued a communication by which it reminds private sector employers and public sector entities of the obligation they have to pay the Christmas Bonus for year 2021, in accordance with the Instructions summarized below:   Entities obliged to pay : Any institution, public, private, […]

La Necesidad de Sociedades Inversoras in el Ciclo de Financiamiento de Las Startups y Su Problema Tica en Bolivia

El ciclo de financiamiento de las Startups se encuentra sin duda estrechamente relacionado con el crecimiento y desarrollo de las mismas. Dicho ciclo podría dividirse en las siguientes tres grandes etapas: Etapa 1, conocida como el “Valle de la Muerte”, compuesta por financiamientos obtenidos mediante capital semilla, friends, fools and family (“FFF”), y financiamientos ángel; la Etapa 2, compuesta […]

Ethical challenges on Corporate Governance in Times of Covid – 19

Although fundamental responsibilities regarding Board of Directors unavoidably include  timely response to challenges faced by the company it represents, the circumstances created by the Covid  19 pandemic, challenge the traditional practices in corporate governance, relocating the demands of the company and various stakeholder groups, into an scenario of permanent incertitude, requiring a more active, creative […]

Press Releases

BAQSN promotes Moira Ascarrunz to partner

As of January 2022, Moira Ascarrunz was promoted to the position of Partner at BAQSN. Moira has extensive experience in the intellectual property area in the handling of proceedings and litigation. Likewise, she has advised major international and national clients in administrative processes of opposition, cancellation, nullity and in contentious-administrative processes in the judicial area. […]

01 Mar 2022
BAQSN Recognised by LACCA

Latin Amercian Corporate Counsel Association – LACCA of Latin Lawyer, has incluided our partners Fernando Aguirre B. and Ignacio Aguirre U. in the list of the Latin America´s top private practitioner for year 2022. Fernando Aguirre B. Corporate and M&A, Labour Ignacio M Aguirre U Banking & finance Continue reading

27 Jan 2022
Moira Ascarrunz has been promoted to Partner at Bufete Aguirre, Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa

Moira is a partner at Bufete Aguirre, Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa. She has a vast experience in the field of intellectual property handling filings and prosecutions. She was part of one of the largest IP boutique firms in Bolivia, where she counseled important international and national clients regarding administrative processes, such as opposition, cancellation and […]

26 Jan 2022

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